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UK49s Lunchtime Results Today 49s Draw June 2024

Hello users, Welcome to the official Uk49s Lunchtime Results Webpage. Uk49s lottery announced their Lunchtime Results now. You can check here all 49s Lunchtime Results 2024. we update all Results on an urgent basis. Draws take place at 12:49 pm (UK time).

Teatime Results Today

Uk49s Lunchtime Results June 2024 Are as Follows:

Lunchtime Results are broadcast from Monday to Sunday at about 12.49 PM UK time. The uk49’s lunchtime consists of 6 drawn numbered balls as well as one booster or bonus ball.

25 June 2024
24 June 2024141639474914
23 June 20242424345464744
22 June 202479263641436
21 June 20241212930353815
20 June 2024382528474933
19 June 20243112223244437
18 June 2024561415454729
17 June 2024391427444833
16 June 202435712144327
15 June 202416192829454915
14 June 202418252829363916
13 June 202417202443454930
12 June 20241216343644485
11 June 202417212223253818
10 June 202418203035484910
9 June 2024391213144501
8 June 202423716192434
7 June 202427283436424640
6 June 20248161830414826
5 June 20241521222433389
4 June 20246171920334410
3 June 2024261924414618
2 June 202411212738394528
1 June 2024491314344924

UK49s Lunchtime Results History

The popular lottery game UK49s Lunchtime Results has been in play for several years now and is quite well known. UK 49S Lunchtime lottery game has been in play for nearly 3 decades and is amongst Europe’s most played lottery games. After making a suitable lotto prize game while adding it for Wednesday as well, the game helps raises funds for government programs like welfare and sports. The lotto also funds other stuff such as national heritage, local communities and arts.

So if you are interested in playing the game then this might be the perfect first lotto game for you. After choosing our betting number you need to check the UK 49S Lunchtime Results for the winning lotto numbers and we are here to help you with it. You can check the UK 49S Lunchtime Results online here. Our beginner guide not only tells you about the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto results on time but we will also give you a beginner guide on how to play this lotto game.

How to Play the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto:

UK49s Win Lunchtime Results Today 2022

Follow these rules to choose your lotto numbers and place your wager.

  1. The first thing is to select a bookmaker online that has a license from UK 49S in the country you are playing from. The site you choose must also have an easy-to-use interface so you do not get overwhelmed when placing the bets.
  2. You will be required to register with the site of the bookmaker before making your wager. This step is usually really straightforward but if you encounter any troubles you can call the website’s customer service for assistance. The site will also ask for the new signee to deposit some funds into their account on the site. These funds will let you place the wagers online for UK 49S Lunchtime lotto play and also allow you to withdraw the winning sums from the same channel.
  3. Choose the sum of money you wish to place on the numbers you choose for the UK 49S Lunchtime lottery game. The funds will be deducted from your online account on the bookmaker’s site.
  4. You need to choose your Lucky Numbers for the amount you chose. One can choose the lottery numbers on random or choose from the previous winning numbers of UK 49S Lunchtime lottery games. Combining the latter method with some statistics and math can help increase the chance of making good decisions.
  5. After selecting the numbers and the draw you wish to play in, place your wager. You will now have the time to play with individual numbers for different combinations that correlate with the draw.

With this, you have successfully placed your wager for the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto game.

Find Out Winning numbers:

Back in October of 2015, the game included ten additional lotto balls. This was to ensure that a winning ticket could be drawn from every 1 million pounds pot of the lottery game. This inclusion allows for higher chances for the players to be on their side to win the game. This development not only was beneficial to players but also to the lottery itself. This way, more players were added, meaning more funds were generated and more contributions were made to the public programs.

As per the latest surveys, nearly 2/3 of the UK adult population is playing the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto on daily basis. Since 2010, players are able to buy their UK Lunchtime lottery tickets online and now can place their wagers directly online from all across the globe. The tickets for the lottery are up for grabs any time of the day with Wikipedia. So take out that Smartphone and register yourself with a credible bookmaker to place your bets.

UK49s Lunchtime Results: Cold & Hot Ball;

In order for a player to place a better bet on their lottery ticket, they can choose from the previous UK 49S Lunchtime Results. There are terms among the lottery players the Hot & Cold Ball numbers.

Cold ball Numbers are the lottery numbers that have won rarely on the announced winning numbers in the lottery. There is a slim chance that these numbers will be announced in upcoming results but nonetheless, they help you rule them out or select them for your lottery ticket.

Hot Ball Numbers are the ones that have been announced the most on the UK 49S Lunchtime Results. Most players tend to place their wagers on choosing the lottery numbers from these Hot Ball numbers. A wise choice would be to place your wager after choosing from these hot ball numbers.

A trick we would like to share when choosing numbers is to look for any combination instead of relying on the number generator or your luck. Simply focus on the game to opt the best combination method. Most people go for the X or M combination pattern.

UK Lunchtime Predictions:

Different communities tend to do different things to place their wagers. While you can gain credible information from online sources for predictions on lottery, it can still leave you running around in circles. Advice to remember is to avoid the approaches from others even if the person is a friend or a family member because this might raise a conflict of tactics among you. So always make predictions or calculations on your own.

Most lottery people tend to choose the lotto numbers at random which in lottery games is called Blind Shot. It can be a hit or a miss. Some lotto players choose the date of birth or deaths of famous people which is also obscure and random. Some folks only choose 5 numbers but all of these methods are no surefire way to win the game.

The best method here is to pick 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 49 and then pick an additional 6th number representing the numbers not picked. The method has been long in use for lottery games and is the most proven one.

What are the UK 49S Lunchtime Results numbers?

A lot of digits are shown on the results and those numbers can be seen on the backside of the lottery ticket. A lottery ticket is the price of a lottery you get after placing your wager. The price tag on the lottery will display a range that a player should match hoping the result would help them win the lottery.

If you have a lottery ticket with winning numbers, be careful to not let anyone get a peek at it. When it’s time for UK 49S Lunchtime Results, you can compare the chosen numbers with results online.

How to check your UK 49S Lunchtime Lottery Ticket Results?

The procedure for checking the UK 49S Lunchtime Results online is quite simple. Follow these steps.

  1. The first thing is to check the code of the lottery site as per your country of origin. Each country has many codes like 49, 59, or 47 for cities such as New York and Ireland.
  2. After you have matched the code as per your lottery ticket, you need to match the chosen numbers with the results online. These results are displayed each day on websites. So one can check their results each day for both the UK 49S Lunchtime and UK 49S Teatime lotto games.
  3. As you go through the game, you will be able to better grasp hold of the rules and make smarter wagers for increasing your winning chances.


Can anyone play the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto online?

Yes anyone from across the globe can play the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto online. But they must ensure that they are playing through an authorized bookmaker.

What time the draw of UK 49S Lunchtime Lotto is realised online?

The first lottery of the UK 49S is called the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto and it takes place 7 days a week. The timing for the result is 12:49 PM from Monday to Sunday each day UK time.

What is the result timing for the UK 49S Teatime lotto?

The second most popular lotto game other than UK 49S Lunchtime is the UK 49S Teatime which takes place from Monday to Sunday throughout the year. The lottery announced results at 5:49 PM from February to October and 4:49 Pm for the remaining 4 months.

How to increase the chances of winning the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto?

The majority of the time, the UK 49S Lunchtime lotto results are chosen from the hot ball numbers previously drawn. You can also choose from these hot ball numbers to increase the odds for winning the game. To increase the chances further, observe the hot & cold ball numbers from the upcoming lotto games and choose the numbers from them.

What do the most appear Hit & Cold ball numbers?

The most common and widely appearing hot & cold numbers are as follows.

  • 19, 41, 26, 13, 20, and 43
What type of the UK 49S lotto?

The lottery type of the UK 49S lotto is 6/49.


The UK 49S Lunchtime lotto is amongst Europe’s most widely played lotto games for the last 3 decades. The game is of 6/49 type where a player places their bets on 6 numbers chosen from 1 to 49. The bets can be placed both in person and online by an authorized bookmaker. Each country from where the bet is placed has its own code for checking the results of the lottery. The lottery pot is shared among the winners if the winning numbers are shared by multiple winners.

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