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Greece Powerball Results Today Joker Winning Number June 2024



Lotteries such as the Greece Powerball Results are one of the most rewarding ones that are played in a Mediterranean Country like Greece. To pursue the chance of changing their lives, many Greek folks flock to the retail agencies of OPAP to buy these Tzoker Tickets that with each passing day have an increased winning pot.

Since the Greece Powerball lotto started, it has now given out prizes worth around 1 Billion Euros to its millions of players. The low-tier Greece Powerball lotto players have won around 1.2 billion Euros so far. If you wish to become the winner of the Greece Powerball game, you need to learn the rules of the game from scratch if you wish to be on the list of the Greece Powerball winning millionaires.

Greece Powerball Results June 2024 are as follows:

Sunday 16 June 2024
Thursday 13 June 2024381318367
Tuesday 11 June 20247202934416
Sunday 9 June 20243284041443
Thursday 6 June 202424293443457
Tuesday 4 June 2024591834387
Sunday 2 June 2024381225445

Greece Powerball Previous Results

Such as the Greece Powerball lotto which is most popular in South Africa, there is also the UK 49S Lunchtime and UK49S Teatime lotto that can be played from all across the globe as well. You should definitely check them out. In order to help you know the Greece Powerball Results, we have prepared all the useful information in the article.

We update the Greece Powerball Results each night, so be sure to bookmark this site to know your winning lottery results. Also, tell your friends & family members who are playing the Greece Powerball lotto. Check also Uk49s Teatime Results:

Jackpot Prize of Greece Powerball:

The Greece Powerball lotto has been in play for around a decade and millions have played it throughout these years. The biggest prize ever claimed on Greece Powerball by a player is worth 1.7 million Euros.

As for the lowest jackpot of the lotto game, it was won back in 2021 for a prize of 1900,000 Euros.

How you can play the Greece Powerball Results in South Africa?

The Greece Powerball Results for the lottery are drawn each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday of the week. The tickets for the lottery can be purchased either from an online authorized bookmaker or via an authorized retail seller located in Greece. A player can play the game by following these steps.

  • A player must choose 5 numbers ranging in-between 1 to 45. After 5 numbers, they must choose an additional number in-between 1 to 20. This 6th number is called the Joker Number.
  • One can choose multiple numbers as per their game strategy.
  • A player can enter their numbers in one or multiple draws.
  • After purchasing your draw entries, wait until the Greece Powerball Results are announced.

Rules for playing the Greece Powerball Lotto:          

There are certain rules that a player must follow before they start placing their bets on the Greece Powerball lotto. The rules are there to protect the players from making any mistakes and jeopardizing their chances of winning the prize if they match with the Greece Powerball Results.

  • Ticket holders must ensure that their ticket has the Date & Time mentioned clearly and visibly. In case of misprints, the ticket must be returned because the prize won’t be awarded in such cases.
  • After a player has won the Greece Powerball lotto, they can directly contact the Official Lottery Outlet about their winnings and reward system.
    A player must never place their bet through an unauthorized lottery box that sells these Greece Powerball lottery tickets. If you do then even if you win, you won’t be awarded the winning amount.
  • There is an age restriction for playing and claiming Greece Powerball. A player must be 18+ to place a wager through an authorized bookmaker online or from a retail outlet.
  • The time limit for claiming the winnings on your ticket is 2 days.
  • If the 2 days deadline is crossed, no winnings can be claimed. So, if you hopefully win the lottery, you must contact the Outlet Official and follow their rules & regulations to claim your winnings.

Greece Powerball Game Criteria and Winning Rules:

  • There are many winning combinations for this lottery game but the most common one is Division 7. Division 7 is having a ticket with 2 correct numbers and a Powerball number. In order to claim the winnings on Division 7 draw, a player must have a ticket with a bet of a minimum of 2 Euros placed on it.
  • Next is Division 6 in which a ticket must have 3 correct numbers as the Greece Powerball Results. This division is the mostly played division among the Greece Powerball lottery players who love to play and win big. The minimum wager placed in this division is 2.50 Euros.
  • Following that is Division 4 in which the player’s lottery must have 4 correct numbers. Following that is Division 5 which must have 3 correct numbers and the Powerball number. This division is the most difficult one but with the highest prizes. The ticket in these 2 divisions must have a wager of 50 Euros minimum to play. You also have to be quite lucky to win the lotto in these divisions.

Greece Powerball Predictions: Hot Ball Numbers:

In order to place your bets for the Greece Powerball lottery, you need to have some strategy. And like all the other lottery games, the best strategy is to have predictions of the numbers that will emerge. One such way is to check the Hot Ball numbers and Greece Powerball is no exception in this regard. The winning numbers for this lottery that are frequently drawn are as follows.

  • 31, 37, 34, 30, 21, and 28

As for the number 41, it has been drawn a few times in the past. So far the number 33 has been drawn 33 times and is the least drawn number of all.

How to check your Greece Powerball Results online?

Greece Powerball Results 2022 (Updated)

After a player has won the lottery in any division, they must claim their winnings as soon as possible because there is very little time to do so. The prize can be claimed only within 2 days and after that, it is gone. One best way to know the Greece Powerball Results is via TV where the results are shown live.

Another way is to check the results online at the Greece Powerball official website online. The website also holds the archives for previous results along with current draws. The past results are also analyzed statistically without any fee.

The results are also updated on daily basis at the website Lottery Pros. They also offer historical lottery archives for reference to place future bets.

Claim winnings for Online Lottery:

  • If the bet is placed online then the player has a year to claim their winnings. After this 1-year deadline is passed no winnings will be awarded.
  • Online betting makes it secure because the digital records are saved in the authorized bookmaker’s archives.
  • Once you have won the ticket, you will get the notification by mail and the money will be sent to the account directly.
  • The minimum lottery winnings will be directly deposited into the player’s account.
  • For a prize above the minimum prize sum, the player will first be notified. They will then have to claim the prize after filling out the claim form and visiting the regional office of the lottery outlet.

Claiming Prize by Post:

  • Claiming your prize money by post is also possible these days but you should ensure that your mailing service is secure.
  • Make sure that the winning ticket has your signature on the back of the ticket.
  • Keep the winning ticket’s photocopy for your personal record and safety.
  • The player should send their winning ticket via post with their signature on the ticket, along with their full name and identification card number to the Lottery Outlet.
  • For the Jackpot Winning Ticket, the player can choose to either announce it to the public or remain anonymous by telling the office. Without permission, lottery officials won’t disclose your name.


What is the draw time for Greece Powerball Results?

The Greece Powerball Results are drawn each week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at around 22:00 PM EET. The sales for tickets start at about 21:30 PM EET. The schedule is subject to change based on the time difference between South Africa and Greece.

What days are the Greece Powerball Results announced?

The official Greece Powerball lotto announces results 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. A player must choose 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The lottery started back in 2012 and offers both a primary Massive jackpot and Secondary Prizes, which are fixed.

How many Balls are there in the Greece Powerball lotto?

A player must choose 5 standard numbers ranging from 1 to 49. Other than that, they need to choose the `1 Powerball number which is also called the Joker Number from 1 to 20 numbers.


The Greece Powerball lotto has been in play for nearly a decade and has awarded winnings worth around 1.2 billion Euros so far with the largest prize being 1.7 million Euros. The players must choose 5 standard lottery numbers from 1 to 49 numbers and the Powerball or Joker number from 1 to 20 numbers. The lottery has 4 divisions with the minimum betting amount being 2 Euros for the lowest division and 50 Euros minimum for the biggest winning division. The Greece Powerball Results are announced 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 22:00 PM European Time.

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